We don’t have time machine yet. At least like Hermione’s time turner or DeLorean DMC-12.

But living in this century is like living in a time machine.

Harry Potter — Prisoner of Azkaban

In our small lives, we have lots of comfortable things. We can set a meeting online, shopping, watch a movie, if we want to read we can read an e-book. Everything is digital. Life is very easy because of that. We can talk with Siri, Alexa can assist us.

Countries are improving their technologies day by day. There is huge competition between countries.

Even so we have drone taxi finally. A few weeks ago Perseverance finished its journey.

We created a Covid vaccine in a short time.

Jules Verne books come to true.

On the other hand. Today after I finished my work, I looked up on Facebook for what was happening in the World. During my search I saw an interview on BBC.

They interviewed a woman who is a Civil Women’s Rights Defender. Several years ago when she was an ordinary person, she was just a Colombian farmer, one day she was working on her own farm -by the way she was expecting a child- Colombian gang members came to her farm and they raped her. After the horrible event she lost her child.

This horrible event happened in our century.

Just that!

We don’t have to say anything.

BBC presented this horrible event like the story of a Phoenix. She created herself from her own ashes. Yes I see. Therefore we can think about our lives, our issues.

But the point is she had to live this horrible thing. In our century. Although we have lots of opportunities.

By the way, I respect her very much. She is a brave and strong woman.

Let’s look at now!

There is a human rights crisis In India. Indian people can not find any medical support nowadays for Covid pandemic. On the other hand Prince William and his wife have a YouTube channel!

Mexican gang members have been helping Mexican people before their government.

Let’s say Colombia and Mexico are among underdeveloped countries, their economies are pretty bad.

Well, what happened last year during the pandemic in China? We watched the situation of the people on social media and on TV. People died on the streets in China.

Today, they can promote drone taxis.

All of this happened at the same time.

What about ordinary people? Like Colombian women or Mexican people, Chinese, Indian.

I think we’re living in a time machine.

P.S: At the and of the day, of course we cannot give up dreaming. All of those good things come to true from dreaming.



Humanity is fascinating, and definitely worth writing about.

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Nukhet Kilicaslan

Humanity is fascinating, and definitely worth writing about.